Miracle Babies recognizes the importance of scientifically validated research, and believes that advances in this field are one of the best ways to improve both short and long term outcomes for NICU babies. Thanks to historical research studies, we know that kangaroo care and breastfeeding are two of the most important interventions that parents of NICU babies can undertake in order to increase their infant’s ability to thrive. We have developed our Family Assistance Program around these two pillars of research, aiming to get parents of NICU babies to the hospital as often as possible in order to provide these lifesaving practices.

We seek to learn more about the root cause of prematurity, invest in novel ideas that have the potential to improve pregnancy outcomes, and advance the development of rapid interventions that can decrease medical complications once a baby is admitted to the NICU. Miracle Babies is happy to partner with research experts in the field of prematurity to further our understanding of these issues.

Current research projects include:

  • SHARP Mary Birch Neonatal Research Institute
    The Neonatal Research Institute (NRI) was established with a mission to develop better outcomes for preterm infants during the first moments of life. Miracle Babies has partnered with Dr. Anup Katheria at SHARP’s NRI to conduct a study which seeks to determine whether delayed cord clamping can improve long-term brain function for babies needing resuscitation at birth.
  • TinyKicks Clinical Research Study
    TinyKicks has developed an innovative new wearable product that is designed to count baby kicks in utero. Miracle Babies is currently working in conjunction with this organization to conduct a clinical study designed to test the feasibility and scientific accuracy of the eMotion Fetal Activity Monitor.
  • StemCyte
    StemCyte is a global cord blood therapeutics company and one of our trusted research partners. No current research projects are underway, but we look forward to engaging in future partnerships with this innovative company.