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Family Assistance

The founding purpose of Miracle Babies is to provide financial assistance to families with critically ill babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Funding from Miracle Babies helps remove financial barriers (i.e. transportation, child care) that keep families from getting to the NICU to be with their babies. By giving a NICU baby more access to breast milk and skin-toskin contact, Miracle Babies can change health outcomes.

Care Packages

Miracle Babies Care Packages are distributed to NICU families regardless of need. These care package provide comfort items so parents can spend more time crib-side and resources to address the numerous needs of their critically ill newborns.

Miracle Hours

Miracle Babies hosts monthly parent hours in local hospitals where we provide meals and crafting activities for all NICU families. Miracle Hours offer parents an escape from the stress and isolation of the NICU and an opportunity to engage with other parents in similar situations

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