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NICU Nurse Day

By September 15, 2016 July 9th, 2019 No Comments

Mother-daughter duo Janet and Jennifer Wirt shared with us why they decided they wanted to be NICU nurses.


The NICU to me represents hope and resilience. Every day, a miracle happens. These are the tiniest humans in the world, yet probably have the strongest fight to live. I have never experienced so many emotions (including happiness, sadness, hopefulness, and pride) all from one patient. The familes’ courage throughout their babies stay is indescribable. Who else can say a human the size of a soda can change their life? This is the reason I want to be a NICU nurse. – Jennifer Wirt, Student NICU Nurse, Rady Children’s Hospital

There is no better feeling than taking care of someone’s hopes and dreams. Being the first hand on the tiniest humans is indescribable. Working with families and encompassing family-centered care provides strength and support for the nurse-family bond. It is a pleasure to be a caretaker for families when they are in their most vulnerable state. – Janet Wirt, Supervisor of Rady Children’s NICU at Scripps La Jolla Hospital

Thank you to ALL NICU Nurses!

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