Miracle Circle was founded in 2014 to band together philanthropic and innovative leaders to serve as good will ambassadors who support the work of Miracle Babies through fundraising, community outreach, and advocacy.


Today, the Miracle Circle proudly offers members:

  • Exclusive volunteer opportunities
Volunteer Opportunities
  • Complimentary ticket to the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” signature event
  • Prime recognition on Miracle Babies website and at Miracle Babies events

Through these benefits, Miracle Circle members will have the opportunity to directly impact our programs and the families we serve.


Membership year is 12 months, beginning the month you join, with an annual fee of $1,000. If you prefer to pay in monthly installments of $83, & your membership year begins with your first payment of $83, with an annual fee of $1,000.

Monthly InstallmentsOne-Time Payment


Sandra Alavi, Laura Applegate, Lisa Arnold, Ana Boesky, Becca Craig, Gigi Cramer, Marjan Daneshmand, Erika Fetter, Monica Fimbres, Lola Green, Marie Green, Mona Hacker, Vince Heald, Elisa Jaime, Tamara Lafarga-Joseph, Deborah Marengo, Pam Marks, Jennifer Martinez, Michelle Mirandon, Christine Nguyen, Sabine Ostrofe, Karla Pinckes, Kimberly Robbins, Valerie Robbins, Marina Smith, Miriam Smotrich, Desiree Wallis, MJ Wittman

LA Members: Marjan Afshar, Faye Asgar, Tanaz Assil, Janis Black-Warner, Nazy Daneshmand, Deena Davoodi, Dorita Delijani, Gholamreza Emami, Margo Emami, Sarvenaz Eskandari, Bahark Jaberi, Taraneh Khajehnouri, Helen Lawrence, Mary Lyman, Christy Lowe, Yasmie Fattahi Maghami, Andia Rahimi, Melissa Rawlins, Lizabeth Schaffer, Elaine Paul Seidel and Emily Walker