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Miracle Babies Elena, Evelyn & Ezekiel

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January 2020

Meet Miracle Babies Elena, Evelyn and Ezekiel. Miracle Mom Vanessa says of her time in the hospital with her babies, “Theres nothing that can prepare you for the NICU. Delivering my triplets at 31+3 was hardest thing Ive been through in my life. I spent 35 days admitted in the hospital prior to having our babies born. Small babies weighing 2lbs 12 oz, 3lbs 1 oz & 3lbs 10oz. Bright lights, beeping sounds, babies in incubators, not being able to hold your baby right away, no skin to skin, breastfeeding, privacy, tubes in your babies, teaching your baby to suck, swallow and breath, no sleep, barely eating a meal, theres nothing that can prepare you for this. Driving there everyday, dropping milk off, staying 8-12 hour days and I still have a toddler at home. Many days and nights of tears and constant praying God keep my babies healthy and send them home soon. 29 days in the NICU for my son and 55 days for my twin girls.”

Vanessa has been extremely thankful for the support she received throughout her journey, “Miracle Babies was there to offer food, crafts, financial support, hugs and lots of love. They became our family like the NICU nurses while we were there. Without them we couldnt have made it through. They are such a blessing and we will forever be grateful for them.”

All three babies were able to be home before Christmas! We look forward to watching your three grow!

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