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Since COVID-19…


miles driven taking parents to and from the hospital


rides given in the Special Delivery Shuttle


care packages delivered to families in the NICU


virtual miracle hours hosted


diapers distributed during our drive-thru diaper distributions


san diego families assisted through diaper distributions

Our Impact In The News

Miracle Babies Hosts 8th Annual NICU Reunion at SHARP Grossmont

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Watch how Miracle Babies and SHARP Grossmont introduce a socially distanced way of holding the annual NICU reunion.

Helping Families with NICU Babies

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Join rockstar NICU nurse and volunteer, Laketa Ducat, in explaining how Miracle Babies helps families with babies in the NICU.

National City Mayor Promotes Miracle Babies

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National City Mayor, Solis, explains the importance of the Miracle Babies Diaper Distributions.

Miracle of the Month

Miracle Baby Lucian

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November 2020 Meet Miracle Baby Lucian (baby C), surviving triplet born May 20, 2020. Lucian was born at 24 weeks weighing 1 pound 9.8 ounces. Lucian's identical twin siblings, Silas…

Miracle Baby Pedro

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October 2020 Meet Miracle Baby Pedro, born January 18, 2018 at full term but spending 29 days in the NICU. Pedro aspired meconium and had meconium respiratory syndrome. His parents…

Miracle Baby Alexander

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September 2020 Meet Miracle Baby Alexander born 7/5/19 at 35 weeks, spending 35 days in the NICU. Alexander had a VSD (Ventricular septal defect) and due to his premature birth,…

Did You Know?

The use of NICUs has increased to address the rising numbers of premature babies and multiple births. The U.S. has one of the highest pre-term birth rates in the world.

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In the face of this growing predicament, Miracle Babies provides beneficial support to San Diego families, enabling them to spend more time in the NICU. The positive impacts are innumerable and indelible. According to a 2014 study in Biological Psychiatry, the benefit that premature infants gain from skin-to-skin contact with their mothers is measurable even 10 years after their birth.

Moms who spend time in the NICU are more likely to breastfeed, a practice with well-documented and enduring advantages. Even a parents voice or scent can impact a baby in a positive way. Together, our programs can reduce babies recovery time, save hospitalization costs and improve long-term health outcomes.

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