Miracle Workers

Gizzelle Panelo

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March 2020

Meet Gizzelle Panelo, volunteer and Miracle Mom. Gizzelle is proud mom to Christian age 3.Christian was born at 32 weeks and spent 5 weeks in the NICU overcoming prematurity, a collapsed lung and IUGR.
In addition to being a mom Gizzelle works for the Najar Group, Keller Williams.Gizzelle is grateful to Miracle Babies for providing financial assistance and a holiday care package to her when her son was in the NICU. She knows firsthand what our Miracle Babies moms experience. Gizzelle loves being able to give back and assists Miracle Babies every month in delivering care packages to parents in the NICU now. Thank you Gizzelle, your time and dedication to ensure families in our smaller community hospitals receive support is much appreciated!
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