About Us

Miracle Babies is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that was founded to support NICU families. When a baby is born premature or with medical complications, that family’s life changes drastically. Stress becomes a near constant emotion, difficult decisions must be made, and life in the NICU becomes a reality.


Through the NICU

Miracle Babies was established in 2009, to provide financial and supportive services to parents with hospitalized newborns receiving treatment in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU).

In 2020, Miracle Babies ended their Financial Assistance Program to take on a more direct service for families- transportation. Our Transportation Assistance Program is currently only operating in San Diego County. The Miracle Babies Shuttle picks families up from their home and takes them to the hospital to be with their critically ill newborn(s).

The unexpected NICU journey is one that no parent hopes to experience, and often times, something that many families are unprepared for financially. Miracle Babies founding purpose is to support these NICU families by lessening their financial burden so they can spend more time with their hospitalized child(ren). Our Transportation Program has allowed us to do just that.


Miracle Babies


In addition to our transportation program, we also support NICU families through the distribution of MB Cares Bags. These bags are distributed on a monthly basis to hospitals and contain essential items and resource materials to aid and comfort families during their baby’s NICU stay.

Miracle Babies also hosts Miracle Hours in local hospitals. These gatherings build camaraderie in a safe and healing environment; and provide a unique opportunity for parents to get together, share concerns and feel the support of peers who understand the intricacies and challenges of having a hospitalized newborn.

We are together for a better beginning.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to unite families with their newborns in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) by providing transportation and supportive services.

Our Vision

When we intervene and provide key resources during the weeks following a child’s birth, we have the potential to positively impact health outcomes for an entire generation of children, changing the NICU experience from one of fear and helplessness to one of empowerment and positivity.

Our Values

We pursue our vision and mission with compassion, professionalism, and integrity in a collaborative, respectful environment that empowers passion and balance.